Mark Bond:

Mark started his musical journey at a young age, taking to the trumpet at 9 years. Soon to follow was the guitar. By age 13, he would have several brass instruments under his belt, but it was the guitar that enthralled him the most. Forever experimenting with what was at hand, Mark took to the drums during High School in Keene, NH and soon found himself playing in clubs at age 16. This was only the beginning. When that first project disbanded, the guitar came calling once again...only this time Mark was listening. With this new project, High Noon (aptly described as "Punk Western Swing"), Mark started to find his feet. Being the sole guitarist in a 4-piece band allowed for experimentation and growth. It was with this group that he would find himself on the road for the first time. Travelling to Florida for a six-week stint found the group playing in, among other places, the famous Boot Hill Saloon in Daytona Beach as well as Billy Bob's. This would be the pinnacle for Mark with this group, and he soon found himself back home and looking for a new challenge. This came quickly, and in the form of an invitation (from a long-time drumming counterpart) to do something completely Bass in a Rock band. Now Mark found the instrument he'd been searching for. Playing Bass opened new doors that were closed before to "just another guitarist". This would also be when Mark would first start his collaborations with Deb. Along with very successful cover bands, he also found himself as the lead volcalist and bassist for the original band Acid Bran. Acid Bran had respectable success, with 2 songs included on the sound track to the National Lampoon Movie, Last Resort. Acid Bran released their one-and-only self-titled CD on Birdcage records in 1996. Co-Produced by T-Bone Wolk (Hall & Oates, Billy Joel, Carly Simon, The Saturday Night Live Band circa 1990's), Acid Bran found moderate success playing around New England, but, alas, it was not to be. It was also around this same time that Mark found himself on the road again, only this time with New York guitar virtuoso Larry Mitchell. With Larry, Mark traveled the country, as well as had the privilege to play on Larry's "Escape (Acoustic Passages)" CD. Mark then came back to playing the clubs of New England with the bands Vehicle, Last Kid Picked, and EverAfter. In 2006, Mark released his first "solo" CD titled "Broken". Co-Produced by Larry Mitchell, it's an 11 song collection that covers multiple nuances, from "acoustic story-telling" to "straight on Rock." Check out his MySpace store (

And that brings us to Deb...........

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Deb Bond:

Deb also started her musical journey early in life, at age 6, starting classical piano lessons with Inez Gray of Claremont, NH, whom she studied with for 10 years. Dabbling with guitar lessons from a wonderful African American roots player to even a stint on cello, she recognized her first love to lie in the keys of her great aunt's piano. School brought more opportunities to grow by accompanying the choir and orchestra, but nights and weekends were meant for jamming out with friends "in the basement", where all good musicians get their start. Her first project at fifteen had her playing school functions and private parties, stomping out Stones and Floyd, albeit with a classical flair. Winning a statewide talent contest and trip to nationals to compete gave her the confidence to continue to strive for her dream - entertaining with her music. From the glitzy spandex era of the 80's to the 90's, she played "the circuit" in two popular bands, Mistress and Wild Heart, the second of which introduced her to Mark. She also collaborated with him on the Acid Bran project. In 1996, a gifted songwriter from Brattleboro, Andy Laitris, asked her to record on his progressive rock self-titled CD, Magus, which enjoyed much critical acclaim - as well as her first royalty check! Deb feels incredibly blessed to have worked with so many fine musicians over the years, and forged friendships that have grown far beyond "the gig."