Our musical journey:

Deb, Jeff Costello, Mike Fitz and Mark
In the studio with producer TBone Wolk of Saturday Night Live Band fame.

Our first project together - Acid Bran. Two songs were featured on a National Lampoon movie soundtrack.

Available from Birdcage Records on Amazon.com or iTunes.


Mark & Deb with Joe Ramsey of Dread Zeppelin and Birdcage Records

Then, we parted ways for separate projects............

Traveller was the brainchild of Andrew Robinson and was recorded from 1995 to 1997. It was released to critical acclaim and featured a song co-written by Andrew and Deb as well as the 20 minute prog-rock epic, "Rif." Shows were performed as close as Brattleboro and as far away as New York City.

Meanwhile, Mark was on the road.......

A 2008 Grammy Winner for his producing talents (contratulations, Larry!!), guitarist Larry Mitchell ( of Billy Squire and Tracy Chapman fame) had recruited Mark to record in New York for his new CD and to be his bass player and driver for the supporting tour.
Mark performing at the Roxy..................................and with the late great Buddy Miles.

Then, what would be a seven-year opportunity that we couldn't pass up presented itself.

They were good years that ended all too soon.....

But then, on to better things....

A chance to perform with German recording artist Jaye Muller -


and an opportunity to reconnect with friends from our past......

Everafter was formed in 2000 and we enjoyed 3 years of making music with incredible musicians... and friends that last a lifetime.

Never one to take a weekend off, Mark recorded in his home studio and produced the CD he'd had swimming in his head for years, Broken.

It's release conincidentaly timed with the terrible local flooding in '06, it's centerfold becomes a tribute to the devastation, tying the album title to the carnage. Available at: myspace.com/markbondmusic

CD review pdf

The retirement from the music scene of several musicians from Everafter let us to the next logical step. We love to play, we have instruments, and we have some free weekend nights. Thus, our duo was born. The challenge of going from a full band to "just the two of us" has led to some innovative techniques, and more than one drum track. The result two and a half years later is an "electric duo" playing a rather eclectic mix of acoustic songs (if the occasion calls for it), or full-on rock music.

So, remember to have fun, and don't be afraid to be a little Goofy!


Email us: markdebbond@comcast.net